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Young Volunteers

Become a Volunteer

In 2023, with the gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions, ACAA has also started to reopen offline events in various regions, receiving enthusiastic responses from our community. As a collective, our diverse array of online and offline activities not only aids members in acquiring new knowledge, skills, and industry insights but also provides them with opportunities to engage with exceptional professionals in the accounting and finance fields. With a growing membership, we warmly welcome individuals interested in joining the ACAA committee. Together, we are forging a more robust loop for sharing knowledge and experiences among members, fostering personal growth in leadership and management skills.

ACAA Volunteers will receive the following benefits:

Join the ACAA Executive Committee Volunteer Team for a colorful personal development journey. Despite the time commitment, it's a unique learning platform that opens doors to new fields. Over the years, members have stood out professionally and developed outstanding leadership and management skills. Your support allows ACAA to provide valuable services to accountants with Chinese backgrounds in Australia.


Fill in the ACAA VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM to contribute to our mission!

Youth Conference


The benefits of volunteering for ACAA Executive Committee include but not limited to below

  • Gain first-hand experience in organisation strategy development

  • Raise your profile in your organization and profession

  • While being a committee member can certainly help you grow your network, the real impact and change come when you do some hands-on work, specifically by helping others reach important goals

  • To take ownership of an area where you have creative ideas and practical plans

  • Gain knowledge in planning, promoting and managing events

  • Opportunity to develop your leadership skills and influential ability

  • Strengthen project and team management skills

  • Great opportunity to contribute and participate ownership to promote Chinese accountant community


Requirements to become ACAA committee member

  • Should be ACAA active member

  • Would have a commitment to contribute personal time regularly (about 5-10 hours per month)

  • Specialised in one or many professional areas


Term of appointment

Term of appointment will be 1 year

Group of Asian waiting for an interview
Business Office Meeting


Committee recruiting

  1. Operation and support committee

  2. Marketing and brand committee

  3. University relationship committee

  4. Member relationship committee

  5. Professional Development Committee

  6. ACAA magazine team

  7. Brisbane Branch committee

  8. Melbourne Branch committee


Selection methods

  • Self-Application or Nomination: All interested members can either self-apply or be nominated by current ACAA Board members/Committee leaders.

  • Open to All Members: The selection process will be open to all ACAA members, encouraging active participation.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Applicants will undergo a comprehensive assessment of their professional background, skills, passion, understanding of ACAA, and willingness to contribute.

  • Interview Stage: Some candidates may undergo interviews to gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, goals, and suitability for the applied committee.

  • Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on the overall qualities of applicants, including but not limited to professional background, organizational skills, teamwork, and enthusiasm to contribute to ACAA.

  • Fresh Perspectives: Members bringing fresh perspectives and innovative thinking are particularly encouraged to apply to foster the diverse development of ACAA.


Time frame

Application Deadline: All applications or nominations must be submitted by January 30, 2024.


Notification and Formal Appointment: Final results will be communicated via email, and a formal appointment meeting will be held approximately one week after the application deadline.

Audiovisual Conference


Way of application

Provide Necessary Documents: All applicants or nominees are required to submit a professional photo and a brief introduction.

Answer Questions: Applicants or nominees must also respond to questions related to the committee, including their preferred committee, reasons for suitability, and how they intend to fulfill the responsibilities of a committee leader/member.

Online Submission: All applications can be submitted through the association's official website via the ACAA VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM.

Contact Information: For any inquiries, please add ACAA Assistant on WeChat (ACAAssistance) or send an email to We will promptly address your questions.

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