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Association of Chinese Accountants Australia

ACAA 's Event successfully held- [Investment Strategies and Taxation Issues in a Dynamic Market

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who enthusiastically participated in our event on May 18th! The event centered around the theme of "Investment Strategies and Taxation Issues in a Dynamic Market Environment" and delved into the crucial aspects of formulating effective investment strategies and gaining a comprehensive understanding of taxation matters related to investments. Our objective was to assist participants in developing the right investment mindset and strategy, as well as to explore the utilization of financial tools in guiding investment decisions.

To begin with, FUTU Australia CEO/COO, Toby Wong discussed how to create investment cognition and strategy. In a rapidly changing market environment, it is essential to stay informed about market trends and opportunities. We emphasized the significance of market research and explored how to analyze and evaluate investment prospects.

Next, Toby delved into the utilization of financial tools in guiding investment strategies. Financial tools offer a wealth of information and indicators to enhance our understanding of market conditions and risks, while sharing insights on how to effectively leverage these tools in making informed investment decisions.

Lastly, Business & Tax Service Team Leader of Wis Australia, Ron Bao addressed the focal points of taxation issues related to investments. A sound understanding of tax regulations is crucial when engaging in investment activities. Ron provided a comprehensive explanation of taxation matters pertaining to investments. Additionally, Ron shared compliance-oriented tax strategies to help participants minimize tax risks.

Through this lecture, our aim was to deepen participants' understanding of investment strategies and taxation matters, empowering them with enhanced capabilities in the field of investments. Investing is a complex and challenging realm; however, armed with the right knowledge and strategies, we can achieve success in navigating the ever-changing market environment.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all participants for their engagement and support! It is our hope that this lecture has provided inspiration and assistance.

Thanks , also goes to Chair of ACAA NSW Ruyi Jin, our host Elsa Wang and our wonderful volunteer – @Xuying He, @Jiehui Pengi, @Yifei Xu, @Haochen Zhang, @Diana Zhang


ACAA was established in October 2016 and its mission is to connect, empower and promote Accountants with Chinese Background in Australia. ACAA will continue to uphold its mission of serving the Chinese Professional community, promoting accounting, and promoting culture, and will organize more events and activities to empower Chinese accountants and promote the development of the Chinese accounting profession. We look forward to seeing you again at our event in future!

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